• The Vision
    Enabling employees to be more physically active, supporting long-term health
Our Mission
Positively impact workplace culture through an evolving engagement platform that motivates everyone to move more
Aligning to core values
  • Create long-term physical behavioural change
  • Everyone is part of an inclusive community
  • Built on evidence and grounded by theoretical priciples
  • Constant search for ways to innovate to achieve our mission
The foundations

A physical activity behaviour change platform - based on psychological frameworks of behaviour change and motivation.

  • Behaviour

    Proposes that there are 3 components to any behaviour: Capability (C), Opportunity (O), and Motivation (M). To perform a particular behaviour, one must feel they are both psychologically and physically able to do so (C), have the social and physical opportunity for the behaviour (O), and want or need to carry out the behaviour more than other competing behaviours (M). As each of these components interact, interventions must target one or more of these to deliver and maintain effective behaviour change.

    The model is interactional, in that by changing behaviour, we are also impacting the determinants of behaviour which allows for long term behaviour change. For example, by targeting the opportunity component for someone who is inactive to be active, may also begin to influence how that individual feels about their own capabilities to be active.

  • Motivation
    The self-determination theory
    A macro theory of human motivation, particularly in relation to intrinsic motivation – that is initiating activity because it is interesting and satisfying in itself to do (as opposed to doing an activity for the purpose of obtaining an external goal). According to Deci & Ryan there are three main intrinsic needs involved in self-determination and which are essential nutrients for individual psychological health and well-being – the universal and innate needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness.
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