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 Active Hub

How can I join my company Active Hub?

You will need to register using a special link set-up for your company - you will either need to register with your company email address or use a special code which is communicated via internal communications.

How do I create an Active Hub for my company?

Please reach out to the Total Active Hub team who will set-up a call to run through your specific requirements. Click here to reach out.

Who can acccess our Active Hub?

Only those with a valid email address or special code can access your Active Hub

Can children participate in the Total Active Hub?

Yes, we ask that children under 16 receive parental consent before taking part in any challenges

Can charities get involved in the Total Active Hub?

Yes, the Total Active Hub can support charity fundraising. Please reach out to the team who will set-up a call to run through your specific requirements. Click here to reach out.

 myActiveHub app

Where can I download the myActiveHub mobile app from?

myActiveHub app is available on both the Apple iOS & Google Play app stores. Visit the relevant store and search for myActiveHub.

Will the app allow me to track my activities?

Yes, you can track all your activities within the mobile app.

Is the app a step-counter?

No, we don't count steps. Active Hub is focused on getting everyone more active with a clear purpose.


Can I participate in multiple sports in one challenge?

Yes, however this does depend on the challenge itself and what activities are permitted. We aim to deliver challenges which support everyone.

I'm taking part in a time based challenge and it's not showing the full time for my activity

For our time based challenges we only count the moving time within your challenge. This is calculated using the GPS data we receive from your activity.

Can I have multiple challenges running at the same time?

Yes, you can have as many challenges as you like; however long or short.

Can I extend the end date of my challenge once I've started?

This will depend on the challenge you have joined. Many will have fixed dates. If you have created your own challenge you can edit the dates at any point.

If I have multiple challenges running at the same time, do my activities update all challenges?

Yes, all challenges will be updated.

 Activity Data

How does my activity data update on my challenge?

Your activity data is automatically updated in your challenges. This data comes directly from the myActiveHub mobile app or via a connected fitness device you have set-up.

My activity data isn't updating on my challenge, what shall I do?

This may be happening for a number of reasons.

Firstly, please check you can see your completed activity in the myActiveHub app or within your own fitness tracking device.

For myActiveHub activities; the likely reason is the activity does not fit the criteria of the challenge; for example: outside of challenge dates or an invalid activity type.

For activities completed using your own fitness tracking device we recommend checking the challenge criteria or reconnecting. Check your connection by selecting;


This will reconnect your fitness app and your Total Active Hub account.

If the data is still missing, drop the Total Active Hub team an EMAIL and we'll look into it for you

What does the Total Active Hub team do with my personal and activity data?

Please see our PRIVACY POLICY for the full details

 Your Fitness App Connection

Can I track my activities using my own device?

Yes, you can link directly to Strava, Fitbit or Garmin. Visit your PROFILE > CONNECTIONS to create your direct link.

Do I need a fitness tracking device to join the Total Active Hub?

No, you can download our mobile app myActiveHub from the Apple iOS & Google Play app stores.

Alternatively you can use Strava and link to your account - PROFILE > MANAGE YOUR CONNECTIONS

Can I use a tracking app which isn't myActiveHub, Fitbit, Garmin or Strava?

There are some amazing tracking apps out there from Apple Health, Peloton, Concept2 and Samsung Health, but the Active Hub requires a Strava account to link connect with your data.

These app can be linked to your Strava account which then sends the information to your Active Hub account.

If I'm using Strava do I need to purchase/upgrade my Strava account?

No, Strava provide both a free & paid accounts. The free version is enough to support the Total Active Hub and track your progress

How do I link my Strava, Garmin or Fitbit app to my Total Active Hub account?

When you create a Total Active Hub account, simply click on the Strava or Fitbit logo then select 'Authorise' and login to your account.

Once logged in, a secure link has been made and your tracked activities will sync with your Total Active Hub account.

If you think your connection hasn't worked, simply click on your name and select the fitness app name to re-connect.

How do I link my Apple Health data to my Strava account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Apple Health data

Login into your Strava account and visit your profile. From there you'll be able to link your Apple Health directly with Strava.

How do I link my Samsung Health data to my Strava account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Samsung Health data.

From the main screen of the Samsung Health app, select More > Settings > General > Connected Services.

How do I link my Peloton data to my Strava account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Peleton data

Sign into your Peloton account on the bike. Tap the three dots in the bottom right of the screen. From the left navigation menu, select Social > Strava > Connected. Enter the email and password attached to your Strava account. Accept the permissions. Specifically, you’ll need to allow Peloton to Upload activities to your profile in order for activities to sync to Strava automatically. Keep in mind, only future activities will be automatically uploaded to your Strava after you enable auto-post.

How do I link Concept2 data to my Strava account?

You'll need a Strava account to link to your Concept2 data. In your Concept2 Logbook, click on the profile icon on the top right and select Edit Profile. Click on the Applications tab. Click on Connect To Strava in the Strava section. If you're not currently logged into Strava on that computer, you'll be asked to enter your Strava credentials. You'll see a webpage asking you to authorize the Concept2 Logbook to connect to your Strava account.

I have historic activities I want to add to my challenge, but they are not showing on my challenge?

The Total Active Hub website pulls the last full month of data from Strava or Fitbit initially. To pull historical data select; PROFILE > MANAGE MY CONNECTIONS > SELECT APPROPRIATE CONNECTION > SELECT APPTOPRIATE REFRESH DATE LENGTH

(please note, this historical data refresh is not available for Garmin users)

 My Data

Can I hide my map information?

Yes, within your profile you have the option to hide your map setting.

What personal data of mine is the leadboard using?

The leaderboard is based on your activity data - whether that be the distance you have covered or your moving minutes.

 User set-up

I haven't received my verification email from the Total Active Hub

Please check your junk email folder; if you cannot find it please email

Can I change my password after I've set up my account?

Yes, to reset your password, select Profile > Change Password

We'll send you an email with a unique security code to ensure we keep your data safe

Can I change my username?

Yes, to change your username select Profile > Change Username

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