• The Team
    Dedicated to enable all community members to be more active together

Built on a joint passion and determination to make a real change for employees. We belief that employees should have the freedom to keep active whenever they want and to use their new energy to achieve more together.

  • Tony
    Founder & CEO
  • Kevin
    Co-founder & CTO
  • Rachel
  • Sam
  • Peter
  • Jake
  • Alex
    Marketing & Events
  • James
    Client Success
  • Chris
    Performance Lead
The Active Advisory Board
We challenge ourselves in everything we do
  • Our Active Advisory Board is tasked with ensuring our methodology, insights and technology platform are rooted in the most relevant scientific evidence and best practices.

    Meet our international team of academics, researchers and professionals.

  • Danny Kerry
    International Sports Performance Coach
  • Tom Chakraborti
    Legal Counsel – specialist in Data Privacy & Medtech
  • Actively Recruiting
    Is this you?
The Psychology of Movement
Strengthening our minds
  • To be consistenly active and develop long-term behavioural change isn't an easy task. We must navigate our inner voice which often means going against what we least want to do. We've teamed up with Chloe & Hannah from The Psychology of Movement to unpick some key barriers which we must overcome.

    View our blog page to learn more.

  • Hannah Winter
    Sport & Exercise Psychologist
  • Chloe Oldfield
    Sport & Exercise Psychologist
Wellbeing blogs designed to support the long-term health of everyone
  • blog
    How Just 20 Minutes of Walking a Day Can Transform Your Health
    How Just 20 Minutes of Walking a Day Can Transform Your Health
    Total Active Hub
  • blog
    Pitfalls When Implementing a Physical and Wellness Program
    Pitfalls When Implementing a Physical and Wellness Program
    Total Active Hub
  • blog
    Unleash Your Inner Athlete
    Unleash Your Inner Athlete
    Total Active Hub
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