• Our Solutions
  • One company hub creating an inspired community

    Your dedicated and private hub is designed to put people at the heart of it, delivering increased energy and engagement across the workforce.

    Colleagues will embark on a long-term journey to improve their active state, supporting both their physical and mental health.

  • One app to keep you moving more together

    Join your colleagues in events throughout the year which are tailored to your fitness level. Whether you are simply walking more or want to push your limits we’ve got you covered.

  • We turn physical activity into mother nature

    The environment around us is the playground for our users around the world. It is therefore critical, that we do what we can to ensure it thrives for the next generation.

    We have an ambitious target to plant one-million trees which will be done through Active Tree challenges, employee rewards for being active and our promise to plant one tree for everyone of our registered users.

    We invite you to work with us to ensure our playground can support an active planet.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Our solutions cater for any size organisation ensuring that our hands-on management delivers company-wide engagement. Our vision is to get everyone moving.

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