Active together
We mobilise the world’s workforce to improve employee mental and physical health
  • We bring colleagues
    together to be more active

    With the data to back it up, we create highly engaged communities who move together.

How Total Active Hub works
  • Employee Active Hub
  • Join a challenge
  • Get Active & Rewards
  • Review Live Results
  • The Employer

    Build a culture where being active is part of the day job.

  • The Employee

    Be empowered to be active whilst engaging more with your colleagues.

Data driven
Let data tell your company fitness journey; whether that be how many minutes everyone has been active, the number of metres completed or how much quicker everyone is now moving.

Get real time insights into how your business is moving together.
  • 6.8
    Daily webpage views per user
  • 1.8
    BILLION metres travelled together
  • 90%
    Stated they are more motivated to do more exercise together
  • Active Hub users exercise for 312 minutes every week

    Health guidelines recommend adults should aim to do at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week, we double that!

Types of events
  • Active Minutes
    Be active for 30 minutes each day for 30 days
  • Pure Distance
    Set a distance and get to the finish line first
  • Travel the Route
    Travel virtually whilst taking in the views together
Clients we support
Clients on Total Active Hub supporting a positive culture.
  • Acer
  • VMware
  • Stags
  • Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking
Support a charity
Whether you’re raising money for one event or across the whole year, our JustGiving integration enables you to raise money directly against your wellbeing events.
Just Giving
“Working with Total Active Hub has enabled us to deliver a platform for physical wellbeing and team engagement. Their automated user-friendly application has removed the need for spreadsheets; thus, delivering a fun but competitive event in a very efficient way”

Ian, Lloyds Bank
“Easy to set up (I'm not that techie and i set up our team in a minute!!) Good data to see and keep yourself motivated.”

User feedback, SWR
“Actually got addicted to doing exercise, I was going out at least 3 times a day, even when at work, I would go out in the evening in all weathers and actually enjoy it.”

User feedback, SWR
“It gave me a sense to do more taking part in Move for 30. Time is something we all have but focus shifts with work commitments. This gave me an opportunity to get the best out of myself.”

User feedback, SWR
“I loved the challenge of ensuring we all did it and the competitive nature. It also meant we got up from our desks at least once a day whereas before we would not move until home time.”

User feedback, SWR
“The main point for me was that the longer the challenge went on the more I was motivated to ensure I continued to complete the task, and to continue afterwards. These things are great because they become habit forming.”

User feedback, Arbuthnot
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