• Supporting long term health

    A global platform enabling your people to be more physically active, supporting their long term health.

We help set the benchmark
Our active lifestyle solution is focused on getting every employee moving that little bit more together. Focusing on long-term behavioural change we focus on ensuring your workforce is energised through physical activity and ready for tomorrow.
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Clients we support
Clients on Total Active Hub supporting a positive culture.
Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking
Cybersource - A Visa solution
Million Metre Challenge
  • Case Study: Enabling movement and engagement across 200 stations

    Read our latest case study which has supported mass movement across the entire SWR network to achieve 338 minutes of exercise per week by employees.

  • For Companies

    Build a culture where being active is part of the day job.

  • For Employees

    Be empowered to be active whilst engaging more with your colleagues.

  • Reducing sedentary behaviour at work saves lives

    Guidelines recommend adults should aim to do at least 150-minutes of physical activity each week.

    Unfortunately, 1 in 4 adults worldwide fail to achieve this target, increasing their risk of common chronic diseases.

    Sedentary time accounted for 81.8% of work hours

  • We turn physical activity into mother nature

    Reward employees with their own living forest, through our partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project. Linking their physical activities to planted trees.

    We have an ambitious target to plant one-million trees which will be done through our Active Tree programme by December 2026.

Engaging employees from around the world

Real-time leaderboards create a ripple of engagement across the globe.

Global Engagement Map
“Working with Total Active Hub has enabled us to deliver a platform for physical wellbeing and team engagement. Their automated user-friendly application has removed the need for spreadsheets; thus, delivering a fun but competitive event in a very efficient way”

Ian, Lloyds Bank
“Easy to set up (I'm not that techie and i set up our team in a minute!!) Good data to see and keep yourself motivated.”

User feedback, SWR
“Actually got addicted to doing exercise, I was going out at least 3 times a day, even when at work, I would go out in the evening in all weathers and actually enjoy it.”

User feedback, SWR
“It gave me a sense to do more taking part in Move for 30. Time is something we all have but focus shifts with work commitments. This gave me an opportunity to get the best out of myself.”

User feedback, SWR
“I loved the challenge of ensuring we all did it and the competitive nature. It also meant we got up from our desks at least once a day whereas before we would not move until home time.”

User feedback, SWR
“The main point for me was that the longer the challenge went on the more I was motivated to ensure I continued to complete the task, and to continue afterwards. These things are great because they become habit forming.”

User feedback, Arbuthnot
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