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    Bringing your mindset to your health & fitness goals
  • Bringing your mindset to your health & fitness goals
  • Building consistent habits that positively impact your health can be hard. What starts off as a strong motivation to change can wane. What starts off as a realistic goal can become impossible to achieve. Life gets in the way, willpower diminishes.

    At the same time confidence and self-esteem levels drop and you start to wonder ‘Will I ever get this right?’ ‘Will I ever be able to make these changes?’, ‘Why can’t I stick to this?’.

    To tackle these challenges and make behaviour changes to positively impact your health and wellbeing, you may have invested your time and money in your nutrition and exercise regime. Whether that’s engaging with a personal trainer, signing up to a gym, buying a healthy cookbook or working with a nutritionist.

    These steps are great and for many people provide the guidance and accountability needed.

    For others however, despite these resources, they can still struggle to make long-lasting changes. Often for these individuals they are missing a piece of the puzzle – psychology.

    Stories of ‘not being good enough’, ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I am not an exerciser’ or feeling like you’ve ‘failed again’ can crop up.

    The mind has become an obstacle, rather than a resource. All of this impacts how long your desired changes are sustained for.

    Through our partnership with the Psychology of Movement, we will share with you strategies, research and ideas to support your mindset as you embark on your health and fitness goals.

    These are not designed to be quick wins or psychology fads, but sustainable strategies rooted in research designed to compliment your exercise and nutrition efforts.

    These are also designed to provide strong foundations for navigating the ups and downs of your health and fitness journey.

    In recognising that the preferable psychological states of ‘happiness’, ‘motivation’ and ‘confidence’ are not a daily given, our partnership with The Psychology of Movement aims to be a resource that meets you where you are at on any given day. Whether you are struggling, thriving or somewhere in between

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