• Psychology of Movement
    How to respond to a time of challenge
  • How to respond to a time of challenge
  • Changing our behaviour is hard. And having consistency with movement in face of life’s challenges is hard. Life ‘gets in the way’, unexpected situations arise. Well-intentioned plans get thrown out of the window.

    If you are finding yourself in a period of challenge and not being able to maintain consistency with your exercise try this.

    Look outside yourself to guide your actions

    Sometimes it can be helpful to look outside yourself to help guide your actions and next steps. Considering qualities that you admire in others can help you clarify what it is that you value and how you want to show up in your life.

    Ask yourself:

    1. ‘Who do you know who would get through this situation better than anyone else?’ It could be someone you know personally, someone famous, someone you once knew and always remembered and respected.
    2. ‘How would they show up?’ Consider how you think they would respond in the face of this adversity
    3. ‘What is it you admire about them?’ This can give you insight into what you value and what you like about their attitude to life.
    4. “How do they conduct themselves? What's their body language? How do they interact with people?’
    5. ‘What advice would you imagine they'd give to themselves if they were in your situation?’

    These simple questions can help direct your attention and focus to the kind of person you want to be. They highlight to you your values which in a time of challenge act as a guiding light for the next steps you want to take.

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