• Case Study
    Enabling movement and engagement across 200 stations
  • The Challenge

    SWR had concerns over the weekly movement of their employees and wanted to deploy a solution which enabled them to both keep active but also create a strong sense of community by being active together. The wellbeing team had no insight as to whether their employees were being active which is essential to overall wellbeing. As some job roles within the company can be relatively sedentary the wellbeing team, led by Barbara Davenport, set out to find a solution which achieved the following objectives:

    • Promote physical wellbeing within the business
    • Create engagement amongst the community
    • Use the community to motivate each other through their participation
    • Measure the impact; to enable long-term behavioural change within its employee base
“With more than 5,000 employees spread across nearly 200 stations including central offices, the role of wellbeing is about creating engagement amongst colleagues on what we offer. Our SWR Active Hub has enabled a highly engaged and dedicated place in which employees of all fitness levels come together to move more. With new initiatives, such as Active Trees we're able to promote a healthy work/life balance whilst rewarding them along the way”

Barbara Davenport, Head of Wellbeing
  • Delivering the SWR Active Hub

    The team deployed an all-inclusive initiative that would be aimed at all physical abilities with participants taking part before, during and after work. Within the always-on SWR Active Hub, we designed the ‘Move for 30’ event; a team-based challenge aimed to get the employees moving for a minimum of 30 minutes every day for one month in teams of six. A challenge that also was created to bring together team members from different divisions and to keep them motivated with achievable goals.

The Results
Through close partnership with the wellbeing team and internal communications, the SWR Active Hub had coverage throughout the business.
This commitment highlighted to all employees the real sense of empowerment to support everyone to move that little bit more.
    weekly minutes vs. 150 minute NHS Recommended Guideline
    daily online challenge views per person
    more motivated to move together
“I actually got addicted to doing exercise, I was going out at least 3 times a day, even when at work, I would go out in the evening in all weathers and actually enjoy it”

Jane R
“We were able to encourage each other in achieving our personal and team goal which went a long way. I was also able to speak to people I hadn’t spoken to beforehand”

Ade F
“Working in an office environment you tend to sit all day, so great to get up and about”

Tracey B
  • Looking to the future

    With such an engaged community, South Western Railway have worked alongside Total Active Hub to create a calendar full of motivational challenges to keep their employees active together throughout the year. With new activity insights and the feedback we received, it gave us a picture of the company’s behavioural patterns, so we are now able to tailor events specifically to SWR employees. We are deploying new initiatives for each member of the SWR Hub including our sustainability event Active Trees where we convert physical activity into mother nature. To learn more about Active Trees click here

  • About South Western Railway

    SWR operates commuter services from its Central London terminus at London Waterloo to South West London. SWR provides suburban services in the counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Dorset, as well as regional services in Devon, Somerset, Berkshire and Wiltshire. Comprising of office, station and train-based roles, the company has a wide variety of job specifications, with over 5,000 employees.

  • Your hub, your needs

    We know that every company is different so before we deliver any Active Hub our team will run a design workshop to optimise the impact

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