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    Ask yourself these questions...
  • Ask yourself these questions
  • In this blog we are sharing with you some questions to ask yourself if you are looking to increase your commitment to and motivation for physical activity. So, grab a pen and paper and carve out some time to answer these questions…

    Increasing self-awareness

    1. What change do you want to make?
    2. Why do you want to make this change?
    3. How much focus can you put towards this right now?
    4. What are some of your strengths and habits that can help you?
    5. What are some of your least helpful habits that might be a barrier for this change?
    6. Have you made successful changes in the past? How?
    7. If you made this change, how do you think your life will be different?
    8. If you don’t make this change, what are the worst things that might happen?

    Pros and cons

    Next fill out the below decisional balance worksheet. This is a tool that can help you think about the factors that may be influencing your current behaviour and also the reasons that support a change.

    1. What are all the advantages of NOT changing your behaviour?
    2. What are all the disadvantages of NOT changing your behaviour?
    3. What are all the disadvantages of changing your behaviour?
    4. What are all the advantages of changing your behaviour?

    Once you have completed this, ask yourself “on a scale of 1(not at all ready)-10 (completely ready) how ready do you feel to start making this change?”

    If you score yourself 1-3 this indicates you don’t currently feel ready to make this change. A score of 4-7 suggests you are somewhat ready and a score of 7-10 suggests you are ready.

    When looking at your score consider - why did you not indicate a lower number? This can help to identify your strengths to achieve the change. And then consider why you did not indicate a higher number? This can help identify perceived barriers and be a starting point for considering how you might overcome these.

    Answering these questions will give you greater awareness of your desire, ability and current readiness to change. You may find undertaking this exercise helps move you closer to activating the desired behaviour change.

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